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Guest communication without detours

In-Room Tablets Optimize Guest Service, Increase Comfort and Simplify Processes for the Host Team

In-Room Tablets Optimize Guest Service, Increase Comfort and Simplify Processes for the Host Team
Foto: Alpenresorts Ladis

At hotel resorts vacation apartments, lodges and chalets, the reception desk is rarely just a few steps away from the room. Personal contact with the host team is often not immediately possible. Conversely, any service also involves longer distances and thus waiting time. In-room tablets simplify life and work for the guest and the team.

In the case of Alpenresorts Ladis in the Tyrolean Oberland, the task was to manage five guesthouses with a total of 30 accommodations within a radius of approximately 15 km from one reception desk, including services such as bread and breakfast service, bicycle rental and spa reservations.

Digital guest portfolio in just one 8-inch tablet

Before the introduction of the SuitePads, the team had to exchange all information at the 30 accommodations before the summer and winter seasons. This meant going to every single accommodation, removing all the information leaflets and papers from the plastic sleeves of the guest folders bound in pigskin leather, and inserting the newly printed ones. A process that consumed time and labor each season, aside from the mountains of paper printed. The hosts therefore opted for a digital guest folder. SuitePad combines the classic guest folder, travel guide, in-room entertainment, room service, menu and hotel store in just one 8-inch tablet PC.

With just a few clicks, guests can see what's on offer in the current season in the adventure El Dorado around Ladis in Tyrol, practical hyperlinks included. Especially in Corona days, when the opening times of the cable cars or adventure worlds were constantly changing, the quick and directly viewable information updates were a great relief for the owner family Röck and their team.

Digital guest portfolio in just one 8-inch tablet
Foto: SuitePad

Quick adjustments right from the reception desk

"We can adapt all the news about the tourist destinations, restaurants, and summer and winter offers to the individual houses, and we can do it very easily from the reception desk. Already with this, the switch to the new tablets has paid off," Ms. Röck enthuses.

Even less relevant but equally important information elements, such as operating instructions for the safe, the whirlpool or the kitchen equipment, can be found in the SuitePad. Particularly at Alpenlodge Alexander, where luxury is a top priority, guests are grateful for quick-to-find information on the various features.

Sell additional deals via push messages

Guests can also rent e-bikes via the SuitePad, each with all pictures and technical data clearly displayed; they are ready and waiting with just one click. Without picking up the phone or stopping at the central reception desk, they can conveniently book the laundry service or prompt linen change.

The Ladis team uses the SuitePad to provide information about special features via push messages - in a targeted and timely manner. "Tomorrow there will be a guided hike to the popular Hexenkopf. Confirm your participation with one click" - a short message on the guests' tablet can read like this or something similar.

Guests at Alpenresorts Ladis can order breakfast or just a roll service.
Guests at Alpenresorts Ladis can order breakfast or just a roll service. Foto: Alpenresorts Ladis

No more collecting printed lists of rolls

Guests at Alpenresorts Ladis can order breakfast or just a roll service. In the past, this meant a new roll list was available in each accommodation every day, which was left in the room or handed in by the guest. These had to be filled out and ready by half past five in the evening so that the order could be placed in good time. Here, too, the Ladis team had to run down everything every day. In a region that focuses on a sustainable way of life.

Today, the Ladis bread service looks like a digital web store. With photos of the baked goods, ingredient list and more. Guests click on what they would like to have for breakfast the next day and the resort team immediately receives the order digitally.

Digital means security against transmission errors

Mistakes of any kind are a thing of the past. No cross can be overlooked. In addition, the guest is immediately informed digitally if the order is placed too late for tomorrow, so he can reschedule in good time and the reception team does not have to try desperately to reach the guest in the evening.

In addition to the pure bread roll service, the accommodations also offer an individual breakfast basket. As in a small store, guests can put together cheese, sausage, jam, freshly squeezed orange juice and muesli themselves and also order them directly online. With just a few clicks, their guests' next breakfast is secured - a benefit for both guest and host. Wine and other beverages can also be ordered at any time via the in-room tablet.

"From the first day, the tablets were well received. Our guests are mostly very independent and tech-savvy." Foto: Alpenresorts Ladis
"From the first day, the tablets were well received. Our guests are mostly very independent and tech-savvy." Foto: Alpenresorts Ladis

Even the TV is controlled via the tablet

The team briefly explains to their guests upon arrival at the reception desk about the digital guest folder and the fact that they can find everything there to know about the accommodation and the region. "From the first day, the tablets were well received. Our guests are mostly very independent and tech-savvy. Whether it's younger couples or family who visit us mostly in the summer or the older guests, often with dogs, who we host in the fall and winter," says Ms. Röck.

When it comes up that the TV is also controlled via the tablet, that often provides a second surprise. A positive one, which is also gladly accepted. Above all, the increased hygiene aspect of using the SuitePads has been an important plus for hosts and guests in recent years.

Digital exchange just as personal as over the phone

According to the Ladis team, there continues to be a lively exchange between guest and hosts. "Some guests simply write that everything is fine, that they feel comfortable. Others ask again whether they can park their bikes right there or whether they can leave earlier or with which card they should pay. All questions end up digitally with us, which is just as personal an exchange as over the phone, only digital and more modern for many guests," explains Ms. Röck.

The answer from the Ladis team comes either by mail or as a text message on the cell phone, also by WhatsApp, depending on what the guest prefers to use. Of course, problems can also be solved immediately. "Guests like how quickly we respond to specific requests via the SuitePad. They're often quite surprised, they've only just written and we're already there to help."

Guest post by Jacqueline Koch for SuitePad


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