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Making digitization efficient

In collaboration with its partners icecreek, happyhotel, overview, sharemagazines, Swissfeel and Coperama, KAJ Hotel Networks offers innovative solutions to increase hotel efficiency.

Today's digital era has significantly changed the expectations and needs of hotel guests. Today's travelers expect personalized services, seamless communication and efficient use of technological capabilities.

Canceling housekeeping via smartphone

The areas of application are manifold: with the current shortage of skilled workers, hotels are happy about every saved cleaning of hotel rooms. Thus, icecreek developed the "Green Choice" function for its housekeeping app "Roomgrid". This allows guests to conveniently cancel housekeeping via smartphone in exchange for a digital drink voucher as an incentive. Housekeeping staff automatically see in the app which rooms they do not need to clean. At the end of the month, the hotelier receives an overview of the number of cleanings canceled.

Housekeeping staff can automatically see in the app which rooms they don't need to clean. (Photo: icecreek)

Now come systems that support the team

"In today's age of a shortage of skilled workers, modern digital communication is no longer a nice-to-have, but a matter of course for potential employees," says Helmut Harz, CEO of Überblick. "Digitalization is already well advanced in many areas in the hotel industry. For example, in the topic of PMS. The next step was and is systems to optimize turnover. Now the focus is shifting more to systems that support the team."

Systems that support the team are coming into sharper focus. (Photo: Overview)

Maximize room occupancy automatically and adjust prices

Another important aspect of digitization in the hotel industry is the automation of processes. By using digital solutions like those from happyhotel - founded by German hotelier Sebastian Kuhnhardt - hotels can optimize their workflows and achieve efficiency gains. For example, automated booking systems and revenue management systems are able to maximize room occupancy and adjust prices accordingly.

Automated booking systems and revenue management systems are able to maximize room occupancy and adjust prices accordingly. (Photo: happyhotel)

Digital access for guests to daily newspapers and magazines

Demand for digital services for hotel guests is also increasing in the hotel industry. sharemagazines has responded to this need by offering hotels a comprehensive range of entertainment services. Guests get digital access to the most popular daily newspapers and magazines via their own mobile device for a relaxing stay. This means that their favorite newspaper or magazine is always at hand and always up to date. With sharemagazines, hotels take a further step towards digitalization and benefit from sustainably satisfied guests who are happy to come back.

Reading hygiene documentation from mattresses via RFID

But processes can also be digitized in classically analog areas of the hotel industry, such as the mattress. For example, all Swissfeel mattresses are equipped with an RFID chip. Using any smartphone, data from these washable mattresses can be read out with a Swissfeel app. In this way, processes of hygiene documentation or logistics can be supported, but also allergy certificates and the product passport for recycling can be stored.

Enabling efficient procurement processes

"Digitalization has revolutionized the business world, and at Coperama we see it as a great opportunity. Through our marketplace, we bring suppliers and hotels together and take advantage of digital transformation to enable efficient procurement processes and shape the future of the hotel industry," said Nicola Baumert, Supervisor of Membership & Business Development at Coperama.

Interface between supply industry and hotel industry

Karsten Jeß. Founder of KAJ Hotel Networks. (Photo: KAJ Hotel Networks)

KAJ Hotel Networks connects companies like the ones mentioned above from different sectors of the supplier industry with the hotel industry. Karsten Jeß, founder of KAJ Hotel Networks, sums it up: "Our partners actively support hoteliers in being able to shape digitalization as efficiently as possible through their forward-looking solutions."

The services for KAJ Hotel Networks partners include a joint website, joint exhibition stands at the industry's leading trade fairs, advertisements in the trade press, public relations work and a platform for mutual exchange.




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