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Why you should rely on digital solutions in hotel service


Contactless, digital solutions are becoming more and more accepted and also demanded by hotel guests. In addition, with the right solutions, internal hotel processes can be optimized, thus relieving hotel staff. The current staff shortage in the industry is also driving the development of new digital concepts. The hotel stay of the future is within reach.

With check-in slips that guests fill out digitally before their stay or with a digital check-in using their own smartphone or at the kiosk, you can avoid queues. This also reduces the workload of employees.

Relieve staff in the long term

Instead of printed registration slips, folders, menus, etc. in the hotel lobby or in the rooms, content can be made available online and easily updated. As a result, guests always receive the latest information on their own smartphones and hotel operations become a bit more efficient. In addition, digital processes enable the networking of your systems and can thus relieve staff in the long term, as many small work steps are eliminated.

Here are 5 key points, compiled by straiv, that should not be missing from a concept for the hotel stay of the future:

1. Relief of the reception by contactless registration slip/check-in solution.

Through the booking confirmation, your guests receive access to an application with which they can fill out the registration form contactless. With just one click, they get to enter all the required data via their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition, you can set up check-in stations where guests can independently enter all registration form data on site via a mobile tablet. This shortens the waiting time at the reception desk, reduces the administrative effort and ensures satisfied hotel guests.

2. Mobile door opening and independent room card encoding

Guests can open the room door via straiv's Progressive Web App or by entering a PIN with their own smartphone (provided there are interfaces with certain PMS and door lock providers). If you use room cards, you can also digitize this process by allowing hotel guests to activate the room cards themselves at a check-in kiosk at the front desk, for example.

3. Easily cancel room cleaning with Green Choice

Thanks to the digital guest folder, your guests can easily cancel room cleaning for the next day and thus take advantage of the Green Choice program. In this way, you can protect the environment and save costs. You can directly notify the staff in charge to optimize housekeeping routes. You will also save on cleaning costs, reduce water consumption and overall operating costs.

4. Replace info brochures and menus with a digital guest folder.

Eliminate all physical info materials such as flyers, guest folders and menus that are displayed in the rooms and hotel lobby. Replace these materials with a digital guest folder so your guests can conveniently view all hotel information, offers and services on their own device and book directly.

5. Check-out and payment contactless via guest smartphone.

With digital check-out, your guests can check-out independently via their own smartphone. For example, they can ask for the billing address (if not yet available or different) or add other relevant questions. In addition, your guests can pay the bill directly (if interfaces to certain PMS and payment providers are available), and then the bill can be automatically sent to the guests by e-mail.


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