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Technology and design for sustainability

Intelligent Building Technology: Hotel Schani UNO City Vienna as Reference Project

Foto: ©Schani Hotels / Gregor Hofbauer

As the first hotel in the DACH region, a holistic building automation system with an interface to the property management system will be used at the new Schani Hotels location. The goal: to make sustainability measurable and to exploit all CO2 savings potential. The soft opening will take place at the beginning of next year.

More and more guests, especially younger ones, are paying attention to sustainability when choosing their hotel, according to the results of a representative study by the Austrian Hoteliers Association. In the Hotel Schani UNO City directly opposite the Vienna International Centre, the Schani Hotels are implementing a holistic building automation system with the companies likeMagic, Gira and Häfele, once again confirming their pioneering role in the industry.

Recognizing and leveraging savings potential through reporting

Unique to the German-speaking region is the equipping of the rooms with infrared presence detectors. When leaving the room, unnecessary consumers are switched off and switched on again when entering. The interface to the property management system also provides the information to set the room temperature in advance before arrival according to the season. "The cross-functional control, networking and, above all, evaluation of lighting, heating and cooling makes sustainability really quantifiable. Only with proper reporting can we exploit all CO2 savings potential," knows Schani owner Benedikt Komarek.

Foto: ©Schani Hotels / Gregor Hofbauer

Rewarding the sustainable commitment of guests

The new webapp, which will be rolled out to existing properties as early as the beginning of July, enables a completely customized guest journey. In addition to managing their bookings and invoices, guests at Hotel Schani UNO City will also be able to control the light and temperature in their rooms. "We will additionally reward sustainable engagement of our guests," reveals managing director Markus Marth.

Furthermore, fairly produced raw materials, recycled materials and lots of greenery in the public areas will ensure a feel-good atmosphere. "Technology and design must be thought of as one in terms of sustainability," Komarek and Marth agree. Completion is scheduled for early 2024, with three other projects in Vienna and the Hotel Schani Munich under construction or in planning.


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