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Smooth interaction of hotel industry experts

Eva Bogner from Bootshaus Amberg shares her experience in selecting hotel software and integrating it with a variety of partners

The Bootshaus in Amberg opened in November 2023 as a hotel with a gastronomy area. The hotel has 19 rooms, including double rooms, family rooms and suites. The restaurant offers 120 outdoor seats and another 90 seats inside.

In a video interview with, Eva Bogner, Managing Director of Bootshaus Amberg, provides insights into the various technology solutions that the hotel uses and how they support her and her employees in their daily work. She explains how the solutions work together and why she chose which solution.

Eva Bogner was looking for software with a good booking overview for the Bootshaus and came across Ibelsa Rooms, a powerful, web-based hotel software. The checkout interface was particularly important to her, as it is crucial not only for the hospitality industry, but also for other areas such as online check-in.

"Straiv also maps the digital guest directory and journey messaging for us"

Her hotel business also relies on partner connections such as DIRS21 for IBE (direct booking on the website) and Happy Hotel for the automatic adjustment of room rates. Eva Bogner emphasizes the need for occupancy-based prices and praises the automated function of Happy Hotel.

The Salto locking system was chosen to minimize the number of keys in the hotel. The integration of Salto and Straiv as an interface to the hotel software also enables guests to open their rooms by cell phone.

"Straiv also maps the digital guest directory and journey messaging for us," says Eva Bogner. "After booking, the guest receives a confirmation from Straiv with an initial link to the digital guest directory, which contains information about their stay. Before arrival, they are also asked to fill out the digital registration form in advance, which saves them time at check-in. On arrival, guests simply receive their room key. Straiv also offers the option of conducting post-stay surveys, and guests can communicate with us directly via Straiv during their stay."

Automation is of major importance

Eva Bogner opted for the Gastronovi cloud software for the restaurant cash register due to its modular structure and the ability to transfer all sales directly to the hotel software. The connection of Gastronovi with various partners such as Ibelsa and Dirmeier Schanktechnik enables efficient stock management.

With regard to the back office, Eva mentions the personnel software e2n, which enables digital working methods for rosters and payroll accounting. The interface to Ibelsa facilitates personnel planning by displaying the capacity utilization in the hotel.

Automation in the hotel industry was of great importance to Eva in order to save time and be able to focus on the guests. The cooperation with partners was chosen because of the smooth interfaces and the support team.

Eva Bogner emphasizes the advantages of the partnership with three key areas: Reliability, more time for the guest and the flexibility of the cloud-based solutions, which make it possible to access the hotel software from various devices.


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