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Much room for improvement

A survey of 100 hoteliers provides information on the status of digitization along the guest journey

The current status of digitization within the guest journey was recently examined in a study by Straiv, a provider of solutions along the Digital Guest Journey, together with Hospitality Pioneers, Munich University of Applied Sciences and partners Apaleo and SALTO Systems. In the process, 100 hoteliers were interviewed.

The results of the study reveal some interesting findings. For example, 60 percent of hotels currently do not have a functional interface between booking confirmations and their property management system (PMS). In these hotels, digital booking receipts and even payment receipts are not automatically transferred to the PMS.

73 percent of hotels still process credit card data manually

Only 30 percent of surveyed hotels offer mobile check-in, while 25 percent provide check-in kiosks. Fifty-eight percent of hotels do not offer self-check-out, which means guests still have to check out in person.

Another aspect relates to payment processing. An astonishing 73 percent of hotels surveyed still process credit card data manually and enter it into the PMS manually. This harbors potential sources of error and is time-consuming.

In terms of communication with housekeeping, 80 percent of hotels still use paper checklists. Only 11 percent automate room status updates related to guest move-in readiness.

Only 8 out of 100 hotels use chatbots

Only 27 percent of the hotels surveyed use instant messaging such as SMS or Messenger for guest communication. Thus, a modern alternative to traditional communication tools is not yet used by many hotels.

Digital guest folders in the form of tablets are offered by only 15 percent of hotels. 60 percent of these hotels do not use digital guest folders for bookings of housekeeping, spa and wellness treatments and other additional services.

If a guest wants to contact them in advance, only 8 out of 100 hotels enable this with the help of a chatbot that responds automatically. In 11 cases, a chat is available that is fed by a staff member. Whatsapp is used as a communication channel by 26 hotels.

Enormous potential lies in digitizing hotel processes

The study clearly shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement in many hotels in terms of digitizing the guest journey. From automating booking processes and mobile check-in options to using modern communication tools and digital guest folders, there are numerous opportunities to provide guests with an improved and more efficient experience. The results offer a lot of room for debate - but also show the enormous potential that lies in digitizing hotel processes.

Listen to the hospitalitytalk in full length here (in German):


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