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More sales with digital initiatives

At the Family Wellness Hotel Seeklause the interlinked and modularly combinable software strengthens online sales


For more than 30 years, the family-run Hotel Seeklause has been welcoming its guests on the island of Usedom. What was once a company holiday home has now developed into a first-class family and wellness hotel with 145 rooms and 100 employees.

It is important to the host family to actively help shape the tourist infrastructure of the sunny vacation island of Usedom. To this end, the 4-star hotel is committed to local associations, sustainable energy and regional products.

Like many other businesses today, Hotel Seeklause faced the challenges posed by the digital transformation:

  1. Too few direct online bookings: Due to the ever increasing competition e.g. from OTA's, the share of online direct bookings is too low in many owner-managed hotels. Strengthening direct booking channels is therefore essential.

  2. Marketing budget is not used profitably Lack of objectives and inadequate strategies lead to the existing marketing budget being used unprofitably.

  3. Increasing complexity Online marketing for hotels only works as a complete package. Booking tools, website and advertising measures must work hand in hand.

  4. Changing booking behavior of guests Guest demand is very short-term, which makes it enormously difficult for the hotel industry to plan and requires greater flexibility.

  5. Professional data security required Ensuring data security is a basic requirement, which is why professional software with secure and always up-to-date data concepts is needed.

  6. Staff shortage and fluctuation Due to the tight labor market situation, it is elementary for success to make complex processes available in a simple, fast and clear manner.

For more than 20 years, vioma has been offering products and services for the online marketing of businesses in the hotel, tourism and industrial sectors. The areas of software, websites and online marketing form the three pillars of vioma GmbH's holistic digital marketing.

At the Family Wellness Hotel Seeklause the interlinked and modularly combinable software strengthens online sales. The industry-specific use of the wide range of online marketing services perfectly rounds off the digital brand presence of the Seeklause.

Four times as many direct online bookings as the industry average

The results of the measures were clearly visible in 2022. In the period between January and December, the Seeklause hotel achieved four times as many direct online bookings as the industry average, with a turnover of 900 euros per booking.

The length of stay on the Seeklause website also exceeds the industry average by 10%, and the number of returning visitors even exceeds by 93%.

Frank Römer, General Manager of Hotel Seeklause, sums up: "The user-friendly handling and efficient functioning of the vioma software in conjunction with the corresponding marketing measures enable the potential of our hotel to be fully exploited."


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