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Gastronomy trends 2024 and the role of AI

In an interview with Gastgewerbe Magazin, Corin Camenisch from SumUp sheds light on the trends that will shape the restaurant industry in the coming year.

The hospitality industry is on the brink of a digital revolution, driven by advancing digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In an interview with Gastgewerbe Magazin, Corin Camenisch, Product Marketing Lead at SumUp, sheds light on the trends that will shape the catering industry in 2024.

Learning from the past: technological pent-up demand

The hospitality industry has not invested in technology and digital transformation fast enough in recent years, says Corin Camenisch. Some businesses have been slow to respond to the growing demand for diverse payment methods and contactless payment options. However, digital tools such as payment solutions, apps and management software are becoming increasingly important in order to overcome difficult economic times. According to a SumUp merchant survey, digital payment solutions are of great help to 63 percent of small business owners in difficult economic times.

Trends 2024 and the role of AI

For Corin Camenisch, the future of gastronomy will be characterized by continuous digitalization. Contactless payment methods and interactions will continue to evolve, and intelligent voice bots are just one example of advanced systems. Big data analytics will be increasingly used to gain insights into customer preferences and market trends. AI plays a central role here by increasing operational efficiency and creating new revenue streams.

AI software for evaluating restaurant trends enables restaurateurs to identify regional preferences and adapt their menus accordingly. Sustainability initiatives are supported by technology that can track and reduce the environmental footprint. Intelligent customer relationship management with chatbots improves customer service and strengthens customer loyalty through personalized advertising.

New approaches to staff shortages

The ongoing staff shortage is forcing the hospitality industry to become more efficient. For Corin Camenisch, various options are emerging for 2024 that will make personnel management easier. Smart staff planning software creates sales forecasts and derives staffing requirements from them. Technologies that make work processes more efficient, such as voice bots for reservations and robots for simple cooking processes, will be increasingly used.

The use of AI not only has a positive impact on efficiency, but can also improve the quality of the food. Errors are minimized and automation reduces waste. Corin Camenisch is convinced that this reduction in staff workload leads to a positive mood among employees, influences staff turnover and makes the restaurateur an attractive employer.

Impact on interpersonal interactions

Despite the increased use of AI, interpersonal interaction remains crucial in the hospitality industry. A hybrid approach that combines technology efficiency with human service will shape the future. Employees can focus on personal moments while routine tasks are automated. The nature of interactions may change, especially for takeaway orders, where self-service options are beneficial for introverted diners.

Gastronomy trends 2024 and the role of AI
Corin Camenisch (Photo: SumUp)

The integration of AI requires early involvement of employees to reduce possible reservations, advises Corin Camenisch. Communication and training are crucial for the successful use of AI solutions. As with contactless payment systems, it will take time for the hospitality industry to benefit from the advantages of digitalization across the board. She is convinced that the use of AI has the potential to revolutionize the catering industry and improve the quality of service at the same time.

Corin Camenisch has held the position of Product Marketing Lead GTM at financial technology company SumUp since 2021.


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