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„Every hotel needs international digital reading services“

Sandra Bardewyck of Media Carrier Solutions talks about the success of the Media Box, which provides newspapers, magazines, travel guides and podcasts in 40 languages for hotel guests.

Jedes Hotel braucht internationale digitale Leseangebote
Easily accessible reading material at any time. (Photo: Media Carrier Solutions)

Ms. Bardewyck, you have been Managing Director of Media Carrier Solutions for a year now. How do you sum up your offering in one sentence?

Easily accessible reading material at any time.

Why do hotels need digital reading services?

International print editions don't make it to the hotel in time for the publication date, ePaper does. Not to mention the imaginary forklift it would take to deliver the mass of international newspapers and magazines to the reception desk. It is precisely this variance, this internationality, this flexibility that hotel guests appreciate. With more than 1,600 national and international newspapers, magazines, travel guides and podcasts in 40 languages, Media Carrier Solutions' Media Box offers a portfolio that meets these needs. On their own smartphone or tablet, which is in use every day anyway, every guest reads or listens to exactly what they are interested in - at any time of their hotel stay, in the room, at the reception, by the pool or in the spa and fitness area.

A user-friendly software, without subscription, without app, with individually tailored offer, cross-platform and available on any device. Convenient saving and later reading is also possible.

Who is already using Media Box?

The Media Box is in use in over 60 countries worldwide. Renowned companies such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and American Airlines, as well as companies in the mobility, health, and fitness sectors, are using the digital media library as a service plus for their guests, as are around 1,200 hotels and airports.

How do guests access the service?

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, additional work for hotel staff or IT is naturally a no-go. One more reason why the digital Media Box from Media Carrier Solutions was designed to be web-based and can be easily integrated into the hotel's own WLAN.

Jedes Hotel braucht internationale digitale Leseangebote
The Media Box offer also includes many podcasts (Photo: Media Carrier Solutions)

How can hotels integrate the Media Box into their offering?

For hotel customers, the IT specialists from Media Carrier Solutions integrate the individual reading offer and also their own hotel brochures in the respective corporate design. The team takes care of purchasing the content, clarifying the licensing rights, exporting the content and quality control; the hotel employees simply point out the offer to their guests.

Sandra Bardewyck is managing director of Media Carrier Solutions (Photo: Media Carrier Solutions)
Sandra Bardewyck is managing director of Media Carrier Solutions (Photo: Media Carrier Solutions)

What other reasons are there for using the Media Box?

According to the WWF, almost every second industrially felled tree worldwide is used for paper production. As a digital library, the Media Box contributes to environmental protection not only by saving paper, but also by avoiding emissions during paper production or transport. "Bring your own device" - We use what is already there - that is our motto. Every hotel that wants to be sustainable needs international digital reading offers.


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