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Data security for the digital guest journey

Provent Hotels will benefit from a fully digital customer journey from a single source from now on

Check-in-Terminals im Park-Inn by Radisson Köln City West (Foto: Provent Hotels)
Lobby of the Park-Inn by Radisson Cologne City West (Photo: Provent Hotels)

As part of its initiative to further digitize and secure the guest experience, Provent Hotels is consolidating its number of technology services with the help of SIHOT, a provider of modular hotel management software systems. Provent Hotels' portfolio of five properties will benefit from a fully digital customer journey from now on. To achieve this, the hotel operating company will rely on check-in terminals, a mobile guest app, and a mobile employee app for housekeeping and maintenance.

Reducing security threats through consolidation

SIHOT's digital guest products are designed to increase efficiency in capturing critical guest information. In this regard, the product portfolio includes a comprehensive property management system, a hotel booking engine, a point of sale system, and an event management platform. Provent Hotels migrated to SIHOT's data center to consolidate its number of technology services. Added to this was the desire for high data security, seamless data exchange, and the growing need to protect guest data or guarantee regional regulations such as compliance with the GDPR. The company thus minimizes security threats and reduces the number of external third parties handling sensitive guest data.

Park-Inn by Radisson Köln City West (Foto: Provent Hotels)
Park-Inn by Radisson Köln City West (Photo: Provent Hotels)

New relationship manager assists guests with digital services at each hotel

"We were looking for a partner that put data security first while providing intuitive and seamless digital guest solutions," said Marcus Nölke, director of business development at Provent Hotels. "SIHOT was a good solution here as it is based on the same central data source. By moving to SIHOT's data center, we have improved security and reduced our resources to protect our guests' data. SIHOT has fully supported our digital guest strategy, resulting in the creation of a relationship manager at each hotel to assist guests with check-in and our broader digital services."

Carsten Wernet, CEO of SIHOT Group, added: "It is critical for us to increase efficiency while enabling Provent Hotels to comfortably reduce the administrative burden on its staff. Our modular system gives hotels the flexibility to customize hotel management software to each hotel or business strategy, while benefiting from 24/7 support and data center security management."

Torsten Heilig (Provent Hotels), Marcus Nölke (Provent Hotels) und Michael Ismer (Unternehmensgruppe SIHOT). Bildquelle: Unternehmensgruppe SIHOT.
From left to right: Torsten Heilig (Provent Hotels), Marcus Nölke (Provent Hotels) and Michael Ismer (SIHOT Unternehmensgruppe). Photo: SIHOT Unternehmensgruppe

Additional revenue through upgrade options

SIHOT's guest-centric systems process reservations in SIHOT.PMS and allow guests to enter personal information for pre-check-in, change billing details, select their room, provide a digital signature and complete payment. Hotels can generate additional revenue by offering upgrade options, presenting room details including pictures and descriptions to the guest in different categories, while integrating other services such as breakfast or hotel transportation.


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