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Automatically generated newsletters with ChatGPT

New AI-tool helps attract more attention from recipients and increase newsletter open rates

Automatisch generierte Newsletter mit ChatGPT
In the daily hotel and marketing routine, there is often a lack of time and inspiration to formulate really appealing texts.

With the new integration of ChatGPT into the CRM software of the provider Smart Host, texts can now be generated automatically. This includes the content of newsletters for hotel guests. Even subject lines can be optimized with this, as these in particular play a decisive role in attracting the attention of recipients as well as increasing opening rates.

Support through artificial intelligence

In the daily hotel and marketing routine, there is often a lack of time and inspiration to formulate really appealing texts. With the integration of ChatGPT into the Smart Host system, hoteliers now get support from artificial intelligence. But that's not all: Smart Host also offers the convenient function of translating the automatically generated newsletter into other languages at the click of a button. The automated translation function saves hoteliers valuable time and enables them to address their international guests even better.

Make newsletters more lively and personal quickly and easily

When generating texts with ChatGPT, Smart Host users have various functions at their disposal. For example, they can specify the desired tone in which the text should be written. Whether it is funny, poetic or in a certain dialect such as Swiss German - the customization options are numerous.

In addition, Smart Host offers the option of having one's own texts improved. Hoteliers can enter an existing text and ask the ChatGPT bot to make suggestions for improvement or to optimize the text. This results in clearly formulated and appealing content for the newsletter.

To make the text more lively and personal, hoteliers can also specify whether they want to insert appropriate emoticons into the generated text. Emoticons add expressiveness to the communication and provide an individual touch.

"New AI solution saves marketing team a lot of work"
"Smart Host has integrated AI so cleverly that it significantly speeds up the creation of newsletters," confirms Erich Falkensteiner (Photo: Falkensteiner Hotels)

"New AI solution saves marketing team a lot of work"

"We are very pleased to be the first in the hotel industry to fully integrate this feature for newsletters via ChatGPT into our platform," said Julian Leitner, founder of Smart Host.

Erich Falkensteiner, Chairman FMTG Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group, added: "Smart Host's new AI solution is a great asset for us and saves our marketing team a lot of work. Smart Host has integrated AI so cleverly that it speeds up the creation of newsletters considerably. Since we send our communications in three languages, the automatic translation is the icing on the cake. Smart Host is clearly a pioneer in the TravelTech industry for us. Therefore, it is natural for us as the Falkensteiner Group to work with such an innovative company as Smart Host."




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